Houston Airports Soaring to New Heights with Expansion and Improvement Plans




As demand for travel increases, Houston’s two major gateways to the world are being transformed. 马里奥·迪亚兹, 休斯顿机场的航空主管, provided an update and insight into future endeavors during the Greater Houston Partnership’s annual State of the Airports event. 

Hga010皇冠软件下载的战略重点是连接人们, 文化, 世界商业和经济的中心,迪亚兹在讲话中说.  

整体 客运 at Bush and Hobby Airports continues to increase, inching closer to pre-pandemic levels. In July we marked the first time the 12-month total for international 客运 surpassed pre-COVID levels.  


Diaz shared the construction underway at George Bush Intercontinental Airport’s Terminal D, 其中包括一个名为 D-West码头该项目将于今年年底完工. Work will then begin inside the terminal to add amenities and a new International Central Processor.   

明年1月,美国联合航空公司(United Airlines)将破土推出2美元的机票.耗资60亿美元扩建和改造B航站楼. 


A $470 million project to expand the West Concourse to support Southwest Airlines’ continued growth is set to begin early next year. 项目内容包括: 

  • 七个额外的门 
  • 扩建和翻新了行李处理系统和行李认领区 
  • An overhead canopy along the departure cub to protect people during inclement weather 
  • 更多的餐厅,零售和艺术空间 

“随着商务和休闲旅游的兴起, 这是Hga010皇冠软件下载一个主要机场扩建的激动人心的时刻,市长西尔维斯特·特纳(Sylvester Turner)在8月份说. “威廉P. 霍比机场是北美第一个也是唯一一个五星级Skytrax机场, 乘客应该享受一流的体验.” 

Hobby Airport supports 83 destinations serviced by five passenger airlines: Allegiant, 美国, δ, 边疆与西南. 

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George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) has been chosen as one of the five North 美国 locations where Airbus will study the feasibility of creating a hydrogen hub.   The European multinational aerospace corporation is partnering with the Center for Houston’s Future (CHF) and Houston Airport System to examine the viability of equipping airports with the infrastructure to support hydrogen fuel for aircraft. 分析, 预计将于2025年3月结束, will focus on identifying potential opportunities and barriers to hydrogen usage at airports, as well as defining the requirements for an ‘end-to-end' hydrogen supply chain, as Airbus works to achieve its goal of having hydrogen commercial aircraft operational and carrying passengers by 2035.  “制造使用清洁氢的飞机可能需要一些时间, but we can begin today by looking at how we can use clean hydrogen in airport operations, such as ground equipment and public transportation so we can be ready for the future,CHF首席执行官布雷特·帕尔曼说.  The airline industry is increasingly investing in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), an alternative fuel made from non-petroleum feedstocks that reduces emissions from air transportation to reach net zero carbon goals.  根据美国.S. 皇冠HGA010官方下载部, aviation accounts for 2 percent of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and 12 percent of all CO2 emissions from transportation worldwide. 这种协作可以帮助加速SAF技术的采用.  “随着Hga010皇冠软件下载继续扩大和现代化Hga010皇冠软件下载的设施, 参与这项可持续发展研究至关重要,Jim Szczesniak说, 休斯顿市航空总监. “Continuing to build a sustainable airport system will ensure a healthy future for Houston, 吸引顶尖人才和企业, 并展示Hga010皇冠软件下载作为负责任的全球公民的承诺.”  The Airbus announcement follows the recent creation of the Sustainable 航空 Fuel Coalition, 一个由主要航空公司组成的非营利组织, manufacturers and trade groups to advance the development of low-carbon fuels and decrease emissions in the industry. The organization will also advocate for federal policies that support the creation of a robust domestic market with lower prices and higher supply. 在休斯顿拥有强大影响力的联盟成员包括美国联合航空公司, 波音公司和美洲住友公司.  Other SAF developments include an agreement between United and Cemvita Corporation, a Houston-based cleantech startup focused on applying synthetic biology to enable a sustainable energy transition, to supply the airline with up to one billion gallons of sustainable aviation fuel from their first full-scale SAF plant over the next twenty years.   Learn how the 皇冠HGA010官方下载 Capital of the World is leading the energy transition to a low-carbon, energy-abundant未来. 
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NASA has awarded the University of Houston (UH) with a nearly $5 million grant to establish an aerospace engineering research center, aimed at bolstering the agency’s human space exploration efforts on the Moon and Mars.    The award is funded by the NASA Office of STEM Engagement Minority University Research and 教育 Project (MUREP) Institutional Research Opportunity (MIRO) program, which is a larger effort to distribute $45 million to 21 higher education institutions to accelerate aerospace research.  先进的设备, dubbed NASA MIRO Inflatable Deployable Environments and Adaptive Space Systems (IDEAS2) Center, will partner with the Johnson Space Center to develop scalable orbital and surface infrastructure and operational systems that enable humans to live and work in space long-term, 根据UH. The center will also collaborate with various community partners such as Texas A& M大学, 休斯顿社区学院, 圣哈辛托学院, 公理空间和其他机构来推进这项工作.  另外, 中心将为毕业生提供就业机会, 本科, 初高中学生从事研究和动手学习, 鼓励和促进航空航天领域的职业发展.  “The vision of the IDEAS2 Center is to become a premier national innovation hub that propels NASA-centric, 最先进的研究和促进21世纪的航空航天教育,卡罗洛斯·格里戈里亚迪斯说, Moores Professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of the 航空航天 Engineering Graduate Program at UH. 格里戈里阿迪斯是这一努力的先锋,并将领导中锋.  了解更多关于太空城的动态生态系统. 


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Houston is a city that takes on humankind’s boldest challenges head-on — both here on earth and far beyond. 拥有超过500个空间, 航空及航天相关公司及机构, 休斯顿一直是一个先驱……