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区域 & 社区计划旨在将伙伴关系直接带给Hga010皇冠软件下载的会员和整个大休斯顿地区的商业社区. The program is gearing up in 2019. 
2019年夏天, 地区和社区项目访问了清湖地区和美国宇航局约翰逊航天中心,以了解该地区的经济状况.




The Greater Houston Partnership welcomed ten new member companies in the month of May. The Partnership works to connect companies with resources, 信息, 和网络机会,以帮助增加皇冠HGA010官方下载,同时也提供了一个平台,以影响该地区的方向. New members who joined in the month of May include:   BCCK: BCCK是一家提供技术解决方案和全方位服务的工程咨询公司(概念), 工程, 设计, 制造, 制造业 & construction) in the cryogenic gas processing industry. 网站.    八百万故事:八百万故事是一个成立于2017年的非营利组织,旨在支持断开的, 休斯顿的贫困青年, 德州. 网站.   Fluence 皇冠HGA010官方下载: Fluence is a global market leader in energy storage products and services, and cloud-based software for renewables and storage assets. 网站.  Green Imaging: Green Imaging是一个由委员会认证的放射科医生拥有和运营的全方位服务虚拟医学成像网络, providing affordable medical imaging. 网站.  马奎斯分销商有限责任公司:马奎斯是一个全国性的一次性服务用品和专业纪念品产品的制造商和分销商,总部设在大休斯顿地区. 网站.   普罗维登斯:普罗维登斯是一家多学科工程和环境咨询公司,在路易斯安那州和德克萨斯州设有办事处, providing a full range of multi-disciplinary 工程 and environmental consulting services; cost-effective and technically sound solutions to our clients with a personal touch. 网站.  The Lemon Tree Family, LLC: The Lemon Tree Family is a Houston-based product development company. 网站.   The Siegfried Group: Siegfried is a national, 企业领导组织,为财务主管提供强大的领导咨询组合, 金融咨询, 人才输送服务. 网站.  Ulfix LLC: Ulfix is a growing global software factory, providing web and mobile development for more than 15 years. Ulfix is an agile and DevOps organization, appraised as CMMI V2.0等级3, supplying the software development market in North America (Canada, 墨西哥和美国),在软件持续交付和快速原型设计中使用特定的方法. 网站.   WM Synergy: WM Synergy provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, 支持, and services to 制造业 and distribution companies. 网站.   Click here to see the Partnership's 会员 目录.    To learn more about membership with the Greater Houston Partnership click here, 或联系membership@magazinedive.com.   

Partnership Members Making 新闻 - March & 4月

大休斯顿伙伴关系庆祝Hga010皇冠软件下载的成员发布重要公告,分享他们在Hga010皇冠软件下载社区的运营和影响的新闻. Learn more about some of those announcements over the last month below.  商业活动 AES公司. 为了实现其皇冠HGA010官方下载转型目标,该公司正在将其休斯顿的办公空间扩大一倍,并计划将其可再生皇冠HGA010官方下载人才库扩大到100多名员工.   柏克德皇冠HGA010官方下载公司. 在韦斯特切斯区开设了新的休斯顿办事处,并将在今年夏天之前完成员工搬迁工作.   Comcast RISE returns to Houston to award business 支持 grants, 提供500美元,000 in grants plus technology make-overs, 营销支持, coaching and education resources.  H-E-B expands to Katy-Fulshear area, boasting a 121,179-square-foot floor plan.  LyondellBasell secures 208 megawatts of renewable energy capacity from a solar park in 德国y, aiming to purchase at least half of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.   三菱作为战略合作伙伴和股权所有者加入了总部位于休斯顿的Starlab Space LLC合资企业,以推动创新和促进太空探索的进步.  教育  休斯顿社区学院计划在关闭后重新开放其副学士课程,为学生提供成为注册护士的工作.   草原景观A&M University receives a donation of nearly $1.68 million from BP and Shell to create an energy trading program.   莱斯大学耗资7600万美元的Susan and Fayez Sarofim Hall破土动工,以创建一个艺术区.  休斯顿大学推出了最新的微证书课程,重点关注如何将人工智能和机器人技术应用于皇冠HGA010官方下载行业的检测过程.  卫生保健  休斯顿卫理公会和HCA休斯顿医疗保健继续在休斯顿西北部地区扩展超过11个新地点.   德克萨斯大学MD安德森癌症中心和肿瘤数据科学研究所(IDSO)宣布了其首批33名科学家, 临床医生, 员工推进合作项目,将数据科学的力量带到医院的决策中.  皇冠HGA010官方下载过渡  BP and Baker Hughes have facilitated a large, full-scale series of studies on emissions abatement technology, 耀斑.IQ, to quantify methane emissions from its 耀斑s. 雪佛龙和休斯顿大学的领导人首次被任命为联邦减排委员会成员, 加入联合国.S. Department of 皇冠HGA010官方下载’s Industrial Technology 创新 Advisory Committee (ITIAC).   皇冠HGA010官方下载转型基金, 由Encap Investments赞助, has launched a platform that will take minority equity stakes in battery storage systems, 太阳能系统, and other energy transition projects in the U.S.   Exxon Mobil announces a pilot project to capture carbon directly from the air.  创新  Gulf Coast Authority approves purchase agreement with Pearland, 允许Pearland处理从Brazos河流入GCWA美国运河的水,减少城市对休斯顿水的依赖.  NASA continues to develop its emerging Exploration Park, 同意租赁240英亩开发用地中的207英亩,用于商业和太空防御制造.  运输  United Airlines introduces new nonstop flight to Medellin, Colombia for the first time ever this fall, bringing United to 52 routes from Houston to 拉丁 America alone.  莱斯大学与德克萨斯州交通部的ConnectSmart项目合作,帮助学生在休斯顿地区找到环保的旅行选择.  If you are a member and want us to help communicate 新闻 about your organization, please send a press release or 信息 about the announcement to member.engagement@magazinedive.com and we will share it with our content team for possible inclusion in an upcoming roundup. Learn more about Partnership membership. 



Future of 德州 featuring Representative Greg Bonnen

The Future of 德州 series features influential leaders, elected officials and government relations professionals shaping policy at our state, 地方和联邦两级. Our next program will feature …


“作为一个终生的休斯敦人, 我特别高兴能成为该伙伴关系的一员,并感谢他们为休斯顿市及周边社区的经济增长和发展所做的伟大工作.”


“成为合伙企业的一员是我作为首席执行官做出的最专业的决定之一. Even though I’m leading a nonprofit, the ability to cross-pollinate with organizations in various industries is extremely helpful. 通过与商界的思想领袖互动并从中受益,我发现他们确实在解决Hga010皇冠软件下载所面临的同样问题."

总统 & 纽豪斯教育中心首席执行官

“Greater Houston Partnership, thank you for continuing to be a great resource for 信息. Very proud to be a member of this organization that so well represents Houston, 这是企业和人的关系.”

Business Development Manager, Industrial Tax Consulting

"With one of the largest databases of members, [the Partnership] is a wonderful networking resource for me."

Neal Talmadge

"The quality of the programs are top-notched, 正因为如此, the attendees are top-notched as well. 高质量的人际关系很好!"




"Houston has a huge amount of raw ingredients needed to launch a startup -- top tier universities, 可承受的生活成本, 巨大的财富, 因此,在休斯敦建立一个创业中心就是要把所有这些因素集中在一个屋檐下,为企业家提供他们成功所需的工具."

创始人 & The Cannon首席执行官
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